November 22 - 25, 2018

MMA and NightEnD are joining the HomeStory Cup XVI powered by affilinet!


Dear HomeStory Cup fans! It is time for the last two players to be announced to play at HSC 16. We have had many highlights for the fans out there. However, the HomeStory Cup is a promise for high class StarCraft 2 matches and entertainment. We’re hyped that in a few days we can host this event for you yet again!

Let us kick off with NightEnD. The 29yr old veteran of the StarCraft scene is no stranger to the HSC. This time will mark his 9th appearance at HomeStory Cup. He first started off with WarCraft 3 where he cleared house with his Undead Armies. The Romanian therefore is not only a HSC Veteran, but also knows his way around competitive gaming for a long time now. We’re happy to see him compete here yet again.

And now.. drumroll and fireworks please! We incredibly happy to be able to bring to you the great powerhouse MMA! The 29yr old Korean still counts to the best Terran players out there. Formerly he played for Team Acer but now joins us with a Team Expert jersey on. Due to the mandatory deployment into the army in South-Korea, he probably did not find much time to play StarCraft 2 between digging trenches and shooting actual guns. It seems the officials over there wanted to send him to Germany to do what he does best: Commanding his own army across the maps of StarCraft! This means his first station after his forced break is the HomeStory Cup 16 powered by affilinet. His last appearance at the HSC 12 was a first place for MMA and earned him 10.000€. Again, we are very delighted to see him here once again!

This is it people! The 32 players of this tournament have been officially announced. Now we can only watch and see how the 20.000€ prize pool will be divided between the players.

We will let you know what the groups will look like very soon!


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