November 22 - 25, 2018

The HomeStory Cup XVI powered by affilinet Survival Guide


Unload your Medivacs and burrow your Banelings—HomeStory Cup returns this Thursday!

With enormous support from the community and a passion for StarCraft that won’t slow down, we’re excited to announce that the 16th iteration of HomeStory Cup will take place from the 9th to the 12th of November!


Group stage #1 (Ro32)

  • 8 groups with 4 players each
  • BO5, GSL groups
  • TOP 2 advancce to group stage

Group stage #2 (Ro16)

  • 4 groups with 4 players each
  • BO5, GSL groups
  • TOP 2 advancce to the playoffs

Playoffs (Ro8)

  • 8 players from group stage #2
  • BO5, Single-Elimination format
  • Finals are played as a BO7
  • First place finisher from group stage #2 will always face a second place finisher in the first round
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Elazer Neeb Solar Snute
Harstem uThermal MaNa Jjakji
MMA SortOf Lambo PtitDrogo
Stephano Guru Patience Zanster


Group E Group F Group G Group H
ShoWTimE Stats Zest aLive
ImpaCt Bly Heromarine Scarlett
Optimus TLO Namshar DnS
Socke DemusliM NightEnD feaR




  • Visit for a detailed look on the schedule!
  • The stream starts at 1 PM CEST.


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